As a Dermatologist, I have to care about your health more than your beauty. So, no matter how long you will insist on doing unsafe procedures to you; My answer will stay Nooo!


Many people do not know that

Recent Aesthetic Medicine is about “natural results” for the age, not changing the features.


I believe aesthetic medicine must be based on four bases:

1) Safety
2) Natural results
3) Prevention
4) Easiness

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Dr. Ahmad Othman MD

Medical Director

Dalia Ali Ibrahim

Clinic Manager

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Our Clients' Reviews

Julie V

I did a couple of facials with Dina and my skin texture looks great and has improved. She is very friendly and makes you feel comfortable. Dr. Ahmad is very knowledgeable and professional. He takes his time to listen to all your skin concerns and explains step by step. I would definitely recommend Dr Ahmad and Dina as i had a great experience

Julie V

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