Healthy balanced skin is the great looking skin

Our Healthy skin cells suffer from aging, pollution, sun exposure, and repetitive usage of chemicals on it. Sometimes even usage of simple creams like moisturizers can destroy our skin defenses. Many medical creams work, but after stopping them, the skin becomes worse.

Why our Healthy skin does not look great always?

Because they fix some issues but destroy others at the same time. Our skin has a PH that allows regular biologic interactions to happen.

However, if we apply a treatment with the wrong PH, we interrupt the physiology of our skin, causing long term issues like dryness, sensitivity, redness, or acne-prone.

Some recent studies investigate the critical roles of the microflora in our skin and how it keeps the balance in our skin biologic environment. Unfortunately, most treatments do not consider these essential factors and only focus on the temporary effect.

How to achieve our proper skin PH?

Each individual has unique skin that needs a unique protocol of treatment. And more importantly, that keeps the right PH and does not harm the natural environment of the skin.

Derma One Healthy Balanced Skin System has a particular protocol for each case. We correct the damage that has been done to the skin. We get back your skin correct PH, and we maintain it.

You will like how it looks and how it feels. This is not just an expectation; it is the right result for the right treatment.

Some of Derma One Balance System protocols:

Our protocols are personalized for your skin special needs. Each protocol contains 4-6 steps and takes 40-60 minutes:

  • Anti-aging protocol
  • Antioxidant protocol
  • Lifting
  • Photoaging  protocol
  • Melasma protocol
  • Acne scar protocol
  • Postinflammatory hyperpigmentation protocol
  • Dry skin protocol
  • Sensitive skin protocol
  • Age spots protocol
  • Tightening protocol
  • Acne-prone protocol
  • Lips protocol
  • Eyes dark circles protocol
  • Tired eyes

According to the case, we can combine more than a protocol. The same protocol is not the same for different types of skins

What are the side effects of Healthy balanced skin protocols?

This is almost painless system with  no recovery time. We follow the right standards that consider the PH of the skin so the skin would have a maximum speed in healing. So mostly there would be mild redness for hours only. Theoretically, there could be SE like any other procedure, but that is very rare.

When can I see the results? And how?

You will feel it directly. The skin looks fresh, healthy, and natural. The usage of make-up will be minimum after seeing how your healthy skin looks.

The blood circulation is improved in the area. The lymphatic circulation is activated. The eyes become more energetic with less tired signs around it. The skin restores its health. And you can notice the immediate result.

Do I have to do it repeatedly?

This treatment is like maintenance for your skin against the daily damage that modern life causes. So if you can keep your skin in a healthy environment, you would not need this treatment so frequently, maybe twice or three times every year. However, most people ignore their skin health, so to correct that, a monthly session would be enough.