How to treat wrinkles?

In medicine if we have conservative option and aggressive option we always start with the conservative. If we have antibiotic as tablet or injection, we choose the tablet. If we use the same logic with wrinkles, we suppose to select creams before any kind of injections. The question here is do topical creams work for wrinkles? Of course, the company that made the cream would say Yes and they will provide you by some studies to convince you. Of course, studies that the same company did to support its point of view. unfortunately, the efficacy of creams on wrinkles is very limited. So, they will tell you use this cream for six months or year and then you will get your results. They know that most people would not use it for that long time and if they use it without any results there will be no one to blame. We like easy solutions but sometimes the easy solution is not the easiest. we don’t recommend creams for wrinkles because it’s totally wasting of time and money. Although some creams can be used in combination with other procedures. The correct medical answer for wrinkles is the botulinum toxin which is known as Botox or dysport.

When we inject Botox, we prevent the muscle that is responsible of the wrinkles from moving. you won’t feel anything wired in your face but these lines will not happen when make an expression. When you smile you will not have a lot of lines around your eyes, when you frown your eyebrows you will not have these lines on your forehead.

The efficacy of Botox is usually about 3 to 6 months.

Some people say that they have more than 6 months efficacy it could happened but this is not the rule.

Botox injection is very easy procedure, it is almost pain free, most people that I inject for the first time feel so happy after finishing the procedure as they have expected much more pain. the complications are very rare, safety comes first for me I might prefer to inject multiple time in small doses to avoid any unwanted results. We get the final results after 2 weeks, if the results are not enough by that time we always can add more.

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