How we can use Botox!

This is for Everyone who have gummy smile or bonny lines or orange chin

There are some people when they smile, they have lines on their nose, we call it bunny lines they are funny they are cute but with time they will be permanent lines so if we inject a little bit of Botox here and here it will help with that.

The other thing also when some people smile this muscle can be very active The muscle on the upper lip so it shows their gums up we called this indications the gummy smile.

Also, some people have very active muscle in their chain we have something we call the orange beard.

Another kind of people they use this movement too much…. With the repetition we have these lines here and here we call it the sad line.

Eyebrow elevation is not a direct indication for Botox but indirectly because of the balance between muscles we can manipulate them by making the muscles that elevate the eyebrow more active than the muscle that make it lower but it’s not happening for everybody because some people don’t have the muscles that elevate the eyebrow so this is not a grantee indication, we can try that but it will happen or not, it is different from one person to another

  • The jaw line: can we make the jaw line straight with Botox. Yes or no. Yes, for some people and now for some people because it depends on the muscle itself if the problem is in the muscle or not. If the problem in the muscle and the muscle is the main cause of the sagging area here, when we inject the muscle here it helps, we make the jaw line more defined and again the neck also some people have the platysma, when we inject the neck and jaw line, we can have that definition of the jaw line and the neck itself

Another indication on the neck the horizontal lines on the neck also if we inject a little Botox it could help with that also

So for the upper face injection (wrinkles) some people ask to do only one area like the frown lines or round eyes or even the forehead, usually we don’t prefer to do one area only.. To look odd and the balance between muscles, one muscle is very weak and the others are still active so the balance between muscles will not look normal

For example if you inject only the forehead, the muscle of frown lines will still be active so the eyebrow will go down and the muscles around the eyes here also will stay active so the eyebrow will go down so if you inject the forehead we have to inject at least frown lines and around the eyes also

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