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A “Modern Man,” who is concerned about improving his appearance, aware of the importance of skincare and motivated to confront the natural process of aging. According to studies, more men nowadays have become interested in aesthetics; as they wanted to look younger, strong, capable, confident and vital to look better.

At Dermaone Medical Center in Dubai, we are offering wide range of treatments for hair and skin which help to boost the confidence of every man by improving their overall self-image.

Full Upper Face Wrinkle -derma men offers dubai 2023

Face Treatments

  • Full Upper Face Wrinkle: 899 AED
  • Full Upper Face Wrinkle + Skinbooster: 1499 AED
  • Jawline Definition (2ml): 2299 AED
  • Lipolysis for double chin: 699 AED
  • Under Eye Meso for dark circles: 699 AED
men double chin offers dubai 2023 - dermaone

Lipolysis/ double chin

men skinbooster offers 2023 - derma one

Skin booster

jawline definition men offers dubai 2023 - derma one

Jawline Definition

Skin tag Removal dubai offers 2023

Skin tag removal

  • Warts / Skin tag Removal: 599 AED
sweating under arms - derma one men offers dubai 2023

Underarms sweating

  • Sweating under arms: 1799 AED
men skin quality treatment offers dubai 2023

Skin Quality Treatments

  • Skin Booster: 699 AED
  • Profhilo (2 sessions): 2399 AED
men laser hair removal offers dubai 2023 - derma one

Men Laser Packages

  • 1 Year Session – T&C Applied
  • Beard Shaping / Cheek Lines: 699 AED
  • Full Beard: 1299 AED
  • Full Back or Full Front: 2999 AED
Other Laser Offers:
  • Full Back + Shoulder + Upper Arms (1 session): 499 AED
  • Full Back + Shoulder + Upper Arms (3 sessions): 1199 AED
  • Full Back + Shoulder + Upper Arms (6 sessions): 2199 AED

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