Key to fixing all your skin problems with long-lasting results

pH is the measure of how acidic your skin is. The ideal pH for normal, healthy skin is 5.5, i.e., slightly acidic, and ascertains soft and smooth skin. It helps in the regeneration of cells and provides a healthy glow while preventing skin from various infections.

Excessive usage of certain cosmetics, aggressive scrubbing, using too hot water to wash, harsh cleansers, and drinking less water can cause your skin pH to go off balance. It needs fixing, or the skin tends to become worse if left untreated.


Some of the major indications that your skin’s pH is out of balance include:

    • Under-eye wrinkle treatment
    • In case of increased pH, flaky skin and redness
    • In case of acidic pH, your skin gets inflammation
    • Unexplained acne
    • Excessive dryness
    • Conditions like psoriasis or eczema
    • Accelerated aging, like an increase in fine lines and premature onset of wrinkles

How it Works

A natural balance of skin pH is the most vital element in treating your skin conditions.

    • Our protocols are personalized for your specific skin requirements.
    • Each protocol contains 4-6 steps and takes 40-60 minutes.
    • We use dermapen, peeling, and mesotherapy in a unique combination followed by a calming mask for direct results.


When you come to Derma One to get your skin pH fixed, you are sure to get the following results almost instantly.

    • Radiant, glowing, supple skin
    • Your skin instantly looks and feels more fresh, healthy, and natural.
    • The blood circulation is improved in the area.
    • Absolutely no pain during the procedure.
    • Long-lasting results
    • Improved barrier function
    • Higher moisture retention
    • Lesser scaling
    • Helps healthy bacterial flora stay on the epidermis.
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