The chin is one of the most defining features of our appearance. Not only does it outline the shape and structure of the face, but it also exudes conviction and strength of character.

Who Needs Chin Enhancement Fillers?

The face could be divided into 3 parts: The forehead, the middle face, and the lower face.

If the chin is too small, the lower face dimension will appear smaller than the top 2 layers, making your face look out of proportion or uneven.  This is an indication to inject fillers for the chin.

A lot of people have naturally small chins. Although it is perfectly workable for most of their lives, the small chin may lead to some problems in the face dimensions. For example, if the chin is too small,

  • the face looks thin
  • It looks out of proportion
  • The face begins to sag fairly early from the downside

Many people with small chin experience early onset of sagging on their faces.

The Procedure

We at Derma One start by injecting some fillers in the chin area for chin enhancement, which will lift it up, augment it, and ultimately help with sagging in the face.

  • The procedure is perfectly safe and secure
  • Non-invasive
  • Absolutely painless by the use of anesthetics
  • Little to no downtime

After the Procedure

Chin enhancement by adding fillers quickly helps with improvement in the dimension of the face.

  • Enhanced chin gives the structure of your face a kind of strength
  • Mostly, people with small chin have the impression of being too nice, humble, and even weaker. When the chin is enhanced, it gives more strength to the features of the face and adds a kind of charisma.