You can now have a facelift without surgery

Derma One’s Cosmetic Thread Facelift in Dubai is an extremely safe and convenient procedure, which effectively treats sagging cases and jawline lifting.

The procedure uses a specialized clear thread inserted into the affected parts of your face to hold and tighten facial skin tissues. It’s a minimum risk technique with little downtime and immediately visible results. To optimize the effect, it may also be used in combination with injectable fillers.

Instead of having complex facelift surgery, thread lifts quickly recover and perform under local rather than general anesthesia. And offer refined and natural-looking results compared to facelift operation.

Regenerative action subtly improves over a few weeks, and the results last for 1 to 3 years.


Cosmetic Thread Facelift is a great substitute for facelift surgery which, until recently, was the only way to treat sagging skin and jawlines. The procedure is ideal for:

    • Mild to moderate signs of skin laxity
    • Lower face sagging
    • Jawline lifting
    • People in their 30’s to ’60s

How it Works

With the expertise of Dr. Ahmed Othman, a cosmetic and aesthetic medicine specialist, cosmetic thread lift Dubai is a highly recommended and painless procedure.

    • Quick procedure can be performed in an hour.
    • A cosmetologist first examines the skin and prepares it by numbing it
    • Skin is meticulously marked for entry and exit points
    • Clear threads are inserted and pulled, lifting the skin gently
    • Also, increase collagen production, which over time grows and improves the skin texture.
    • Regenerative properties of collagen are best observed within the next few weeks and the months to follow.
    • Visibly smoother, tighter, and more youthful facial and jawline skin


Thread lifts help you attain a rejuvenated appearance with natural expression and no plastic look.

    • Improves skin’s tone and firmness.
    • lifts the skin directly to minimize deep wrinkles and sagging jawline
    • interacts with the skin and leads to more collagen production
    • Unlike surgery; the side effects are minimum and temporary
    • There are no scars or sutures
    • The treatment is super safe
    • Increase collagen production