Wrinkles around your eyes, also referred to as Crow’s Feet, are a naturally occurring web of fine lines visible mostly when people smile.

Who Needs crow’s feet Procedure?

Gradually, these lines or crows feet start becoming more permanent with time and age until they are noticeably visible, even when you are not smiling. At that stage, we, in terms of aesthetic medicine, label them as permanent or static wrinkles

Crows Feet Procedure

To avoid these static wrinkles around your eyes, we use Botulinum toxins, aka Botox, to correct this movement.

  • A small amount of Botox is injected in a very natural way around the affected area. We focus on keeping the amount optimal, so you can smile naturally without having these lines for now or for the future.
  • Dr Ahmad Othman uses Botox injections as muscle relaxing agents around the corners of your eyes to effectively smooth out the wrinkles in a natural way. The effects are especially visible when you laugh.

After the Procedure

At Derma One, we have developed and perfected techniques in aesthetic medicine practice to keep wrinkle treatments such as Botox as close to the natural look as possible.

The procedure results in:

  • Smoother and natural skin around the eyes
  • Little to no downtime

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