Frown lines are primarily caused due to old age. Over time, skin becomes less supple and more sagging, stretchy, and thin. They are developed as a result of repetitive movement of muscles for expressions.

Why We Develop Frown Lines?

Usually, when looking at some screen or waiting or driving, most of us focus and unconsciously twitch and squeeze our face muscles into a frowning expression. When done excessively or repeatedly, these expressions may lead to more permanent frown lines.

Over time these muscles become stronger. Left untouched, these frown lines can permanently become carved into your face.

So, one day, people ask you why you are angry or sad, although you are not. It’s because your frown lines detract from your pleasant facial expressions.

The Procedure

  • At Derma One, under the expert supervision of Dr. Othman, we use Botox to decrease muscle movement and help it become less permanent, which helps with the appearance of the face.
  • Dr. Othman applies only a mild dose with a wonderfully expert hand to give a perfect look, fewer wrinkles, and without any other complications.

After the Procedure

The effect of Botox may be temporary, but it gives a totally replenished look to your face, smoothening that area specifically.

  • Most people report feeling fresher & youthful after the procedure.
  • The results are totally natural and highly noticeable. Others will also notice the change, but they will not know exactly what has happened.