Excessive Gingival Display – more commonly known as “gummy smile” is a condition where a larger than a proportionate part of the gum is exposed while flashing a smile.

Even though a gummy smile is clearly determined by looking at it, it is also standardized when more than 4 mm of gum tissue is showing.

Who Needs to Fix Gummy Smiles?

Smiling is the most essential part of visual communication, and a gummy smile might make you feel self-conscious or less attractive when smiling.

If the part of the gum on display is very small, it is okay. However, if it’s too much like sometimes the gum shows more than teeth or above 4mm, it becomes a cosmetic issue and needs treatment.

The Procedure

At Derma One, we prefer the non-surgical way of administering Botox to that dynamic upper lip to fix your gummy smile.

  • The dosage of the botulinum toxin, the muscle relaxant, is advised as per the situation, i.e., the extent of gums exposed.
  • Botox is injected on both sides of the nose, diffusing into the muscles controlling lip movement. Botox prevents these muscles from contracting significantly, thereby causing the upper lip to stay relaxed and cover the part of the gum that shows when you smile.

After the Procedure

  • Usually, the results are encouraging and easily last for 3 – 4 months. After which, you can repeat the procedure anytime.
  • Gummy smile treatment is quick, pain-free, and totally reliable to get that confident smile.
  • The results are totally natural and highly noticeable. Others will also notice the change instantly.