Marionette Lines, also sometimes referred to as Sad Lines or Oral Commissure Lines, tend to appear on the corner of the mouth. They can be seen between the corner of our mouth down to our chin, giving off a sad expression and appearance of droopiness.

Who Needs to Fix Sad Lines?

Marionette lines appear with the natural aging process. The lines occur when the depressor Anguli Oris muscle, or DAO muscle, pulls down the corners of the mouth, causing these noticeable lines like face wrinkles.

One of the causes of sad lines may be attributed to a shorter chin, and for some people, it happens because of the strength of the muscle on the corner of the mouth. No matter what the reason, these lines totally alter your face and expression.

The Procedure

The best treatment for Marionette lines is using fillers.

  • Injecting fillers in the corners of the mouth effectively improves the appearance of sad lines. The filler is supposed to be very soft to avoid any swelling or any unnatural look.
  • Fillers may also be injected into the chin, producing great results.

After the Procedure

The procedure is absolutely pain-free and rather quick. Results are immediately visible but are subtle.

  • Natural look restored
  • Smoother skin around the mouth and chin
  • Long-lasting results