The nose is a major part of our appearance and defines the entire look of the face and expressions. If it is broken by an accident or some ailment that causes nasal problems, a complicated surgical procedure is required.

Who Needs Nose Straightening?

For correcting the nose, there is a very well-known and very painful surgery called Rhinoplasty. However, Rhinoplasty could pose some serious complications, which may last for a long time and cause more discomfort and pain.

Therefore, more people prefer to avoid surgery and go for more conservative procedures like fillers or threads.

Fillers and thread can easily correct some minor deformities in the nose, like a wide bridge of the nose, especially in Asian people.

The Procedure

  • Ahmad Othman analyzes the shape of the nose and injects filler in the middle of the nose, to make it instantly look straighter and much thinner.
  • Fillers may also be injected into the top part of the nose to give it a noticeable lifted look.
  • Also, people who have a hump on their nose can make use of the fillers to make it look straight.

The same results can also be achieved by the use of threads. Both of these procedures can be conducted safely if done by an expert doctor.

It is important to note that this is an advanced technique, and it’s not recommended to be done by a physician who does not have enough experience in this field.

After the Procedure

After our nose straightening procedure, you get:

  • Natural results
  • Form a sharper and more defined nose
  • Similar to makeup contouring, so no need to spend hours on makeup
  • Threadlifting can give your nose a noticeable lift from the bridge down to the tip
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