Body piercings are a unique way to express your inner self and adorn your body with dazzling jewelry. Popular with teens and adults mostly, piercing is always in vogue, but it requires safe, hygienic, and unfaltering hands to avoid any reactions, allergies, or bruises.

Types of Body Piercing

While you can go for a traditional ear piercing and nose piercing in Dubai, Derma One also offers more daring belly button piercing under the expert supervision of our cosmetologist.

    • Ear piercing
    • Nose piercing
    • Bellybutton piercing

Other body parts may also be considered; please speak to our doctor about the suitability and safety of the procedure for your skin type.

How Body Piercing Works

Depending upon the type of piercing, various instruments can be used to carry out permanent piercings. It may involve using a hollow medical needle, a scalpel, or by removing tissue, either with a dermal punch or through scalpelling.

The process incurs only a little or no pain. Derma One staff and doctors are all considerate of causing minimal pain to the person and carry out the job skillfully using sterilized capsules.

Our Advantage

    • Piercing for ear, nose, and belly button
    • Painless techniques
    • Quick procedure
    • Super Safe Piercing System
    • Piercings are performed under the supervision of Trained Medical professionals using only sterilized capsules

Precautions: Non-iodized sea salt soaks, and glycerin soap wash help your new piercings to heal quickly