As we grow old and time takes a toll on our bodies, many people develop vertical lines around their mouths like deep wrinkles. These lines are more commonly developed in smokers. However, it is not uncommon for anybody to notice them with age, even if they are non-smokers.

To reduce the appearance of smoker lines, fillers comprising Hyaluronic acid are an excellent choice.

Who Needs to Fix Smoke Lines?

Smoker lines are an early sign of aging and sometimes a premature aging sign if you are a chronic smoker.   Using a soft hyaluronic acid on the upper lip region will improve the quality of the skin filling up the deep lines and regaining some volume.

The Procedure

To rectify the Smoker Lines around your mouth, Dr. Ahmad Othman recommends injecting a small amount of a very soft filler.

  • This filler is carefully administered into the upper layer, injected very superficially. Any hard fillers might cause swelling or lumps.
  • This is a slightly advanced technique and needs a genuinely expert and skilled hand that would give great results without altering the lips.
  • The procedure is painless and only involves a few pricks of the needle on the upper lip region and corners of the mouth.

After the Procedure

Many people ask if they correct these lines will they have bigger lips? The answer is NO.

  • There is no volume added to the lips
  • Results are immediately visible but are subtle.