Tear Trough happens when the skin of the lower eyelid attaches to sub-surface facial bones. With age, the orbital septum around the eyes becomes weaker, and the lower eyelid loses volume.

Tired eyes or tear troughs can happen for many reasons.

  1. First, there is darkness around the eyes
  2. Deepness or hollowness under the eyes or around eyes
  3. Puffiness under the eyes

Who Needs Treatment for Tired Eyes?

Tired Eye or Tear Trough happens mainly due to losing volume or sagging skin with age, in the area around eyes creating troughs or hollows, right under the eyes.

Tired eyes make one look exhausted, tired and unhealthy, as well as age the face prematurely.

Tired eyes are a very common problem in many people, young and old, and injecting filler with an expert hand would be the best option. The other alternatives will be surgical, so we always prefer fillers over surgery.

The Procedure

All the 3 cases of tired eyes are strikingly improved, injecting soft filler around the eyes.

However, the one that gets the most noticeable improvement is the hollowness or the deepness because it adds volume.

The darkness will be improved indirectly because the shadow will be less. The puffiness will also improved indirectly because there will be some lifting around the area of the eyes.

After the Procedure

  • Results are immediately visible but are subtle.
  • Adding volume, looking natural and attractive.
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