Medical Director
Brief info

Dr. Ahmad Othman is a Board-certified in Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine, Master Degree in Dermatology, and Expert in practicing Aesthetic Medicine to restore the vitality of your skin.

He has been certified in dermatology by the Arab Board of Health Specializations (ABHS) and in aesthetic medicine by the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine (ABAM). He is an extensively experienced cosmetologist in Dubai, UAE. His professional experience spans over more than 15 years.

During his long, illustrious career, he has achieved outstanding results in cosmetology for his clients in 3 countries.

Extensive Knowledge and Skills Combined with Years of Practice

Dr. Ahmad Othman is a Dubai skin doctor with international experience as a dermatologist and cosmetologist. He incorporates his wide-ranging knowledge of skin properties, modern technological advancements, and new age procedures in his aesthetic practice to achieve the best possible results for every single one of his patients.

Healthy Beauty is Real Beauty

Dr. Othman’s philosophy in aesthetics and cosmetology stands on four pivotal aspects, which he refers to as: “4 bases of healthy beauty”

  1. Safety
  2. Pain-free approach
  3. Natural results
  4. Prevention

Applying these 4 rules to his practice as an aesthetic doctor in Derma one Dubai, he finds creative solutions to achieve optimum results with the minimum number of fillers. His work mantra is safety First, and as a safety-oriented person, he focuses on using the safest techniques and pain-free approach.

Dr. Ahmad Othman would not give you a treatment that you don’t need. In his own words;

“As a dermatologist, I have to care about your health more than your safety, so no matter how long you will insist on doing unsafe procedures to you, my answer will stay NO.”

To those who keep asking about crazy looks, he says, “Many people do not know that recent aesthetic medicine is about natural results for the right age; not changing the features.”

And more than anything else, Dr. Othman aesthetic medicine is primarily focused on prevention when he says;

“Yes, Botox and filler can be preventative if used correctly. However, correcting aging signs would be much more difficult.”

Painless Treatment Techniques

Dr. Ahmad Othman does his best to make his treatments, cosmetic procedures, and even the hardest of processes and feel free of pain because he hates pain. In his own words,
“Avoiding pain is always in my mind whenever I do any procedure because I can’t handle pain. I do not want you to come to me feeling the same as when I go to see my dentist”.