The treatment of hypertophic Masseter Muscle

We will talk about The treatment of hypertophic Masseter Muscle.

the best way to decrease the strength and the volume of the masseter muscle is injecting the Botulinum toxin.

We can see the results mostly after 3 weeks, the pain is not there anymore and the slimming look started to happen.

Mostly for this indication the results stay little longer than the normal results of Botox

it could stay 3 up to 8 month not only 6 month , and sometimes the slimmer look could be even more than that for a year or more. so in the next session we check the strength of the muscle to decide the dose that would be injected, it could be less than the first time if the muscle is weaker

. sometimes after multiple sessions , the muscle maintain in the normal size and does not need further treatment .


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