Visual Guide to Face Wrinkles Treatment

On this page, we will cover every single detail about botulinum toxin (Botox, Dysport) for face wrinkles treatment at Dermaone Medical Center Dubai. We will provide you with Video Series for answering all of your frequent questions about face wrinkles treatment and botulinum toxin (Botox or Dysport), most of which are not public to answer all the questions that you might have. At Derma One Medical Center – Dubai, our dermatologists believe that the educated client is the most valuable asset.

“The best way to get a successful Botox/ Dysport session is to gain the right knowledge about it”
Dr Ahmad Othman – Dermatologist & Aesthetic Medicine, Derma One, Dubai

In the cosmetic field, you will find a lot of people give you promises but how you will know if they are false or correct! Only by having the knowledge that would allow you.

Now, let us talk about the types of wrinkles:

After recognizing the type of your wrinkles in this video, Dr Ahmad Othman – Dermatologist & Aesthetic Medicine, Derma One, Dubai will talk about wrinkles treatment and types of wrinkles:

So is there a specific age to start using it? In other words What is the right time to start with Botulinum toxin -Botox or Dysport!

Which area is the best to start with Botox?
Now, one of the most important concerns, is botox painful?
Would my wrinkles be worse if I stop Botox?
The only case that I don’t recommend Botox!

Frozen VS natural look

which is the best for you?”

Dr Ahmad Othman – Dermatologist & Aesthetic Medicine, Derma One, Dubai – explains the techniques that our dermatologist uses to make the session safe and effective!

Droopy eyebrows after Botox session why? How to avoid it?

In the next video, Dr Ahmad Othman – Dermatologist & Aesthetic Medicine, Dubai – explains the 3 most common side effects of Botox/Dysport to know how to avoid it!

By watching those videos you will know everything you need about Botox/ Dysport.

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