We will talk   about a common problem that might affect the face shape which is the muscular face.

Some people have a huge masseter muscle which makes their face looks very squared in the lower half. they express it by saying “I half a wide face, I want my face to look slimmer, more contoured or v shaped”. The hypertrophic masseter leads to problems in the joint of the jaw also, Teeth Grinding is very common symptom in this case.

The strong masseter muscle problem could be just genetic, the Asian people –for example- have a strong masseter muscle. It happens also because of certain Habits like chewing for long time, if you use your muscle too much it will become bigger and stronger like any other muscle in our body.

We can reduce the strength of the muscle

We can reduce the strength of the muscle for people who just want to fix the joint problem without any change in their face shape. Or we can reduce both the size and the strength of the muscle for people who wants to look slimmer and to have more contoured face.

And the fantastic results after 3 weeks

And the fantastic results after 3 weeks the pain is not there anymore and the slimming look starts to happen

Mostly for this indication the results stay little bit later 3 weeks instead of 2 weeks and stay longer it could stay from 3 up to 8 months not only 6 month and sometimes the slimmer look could be even more than that for a year so when they come back for the check up to check the strength of the muscle:

  • If it’s strong enough, we add more.
  • If it’s not we add less. and, sometimes yes, the strength of the muscle becomes less permanently which is a good thing

Why we are unique?

Yes, it’s pain free almost and we have the experience in this field we did a lot of patients and they are very happy with the treatment and the product we are using is an incredible one and the results. Most of people who are coming for this indication they want to do it.

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