Hand and neck wrinkles can reveal signs of aging, and addressing these areas is crucial for a comprehensive anti-aging approach. Radiesse, a popular dermal filler, offers a potential solution. Dr. Ahmad Othman, a specialist dermatologist in Dermaone Dubai, shares his expert insights on using Radiesse for hand and neck rejuvenation.

Collagen Stimulation and Longevity:

Radiesse stimulates collagen production, leading to long-term improvements in treated areas. Its ability to break down gradually activates the body’s collagen synthesis, making it an attractive option for hand and neck wrinkles.

Addressing Neck Wrinkles By Radiesse in Dubai:

Radiesse adds volume, fills creases, and stimulates collagen production to improve neck wrinkles. Dr. Ahmad Othman creates customized treatment plans for effective neck wrinkle reduction using Radiesse.

Treating Hand Wrinkles By Radiesse in Dubai:

Radiesse restores volume, minimizes wrinkles, veins, and bony structures, and improves skin texture in the hands. Dr. Othman’s expertise ensures natural and satisfying outcomes for hand rejuvenation using Radiesse.

Radiesse Expert Insights Dermatologists in Dubai:

Dr. Ahmad Othman, Dermatologist, Derma One Medical Center Dubai, provides professional insights on using Radiesse for hand and neck wrinkles. His expertise guarantees optimal results through personalized treatment plans. Trust Radiesse for safe and effective rejuvenation.

Why Choose Derma one Dubai?

Derma one Clinic Dubai offers a state-of-the-art facility and a team of experienced specialist. With a focus on delivering exceptional aesthetic treatments, Our Clinic provides a comfortable and reliable environment for your hand and neck rejuvenation needs. Trust in their expertise and cutting-edge techniques to achieve the results you desire.

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