Lip fillers are an ideal solution for anyone who has smaller, insignificant, or thinner lips than they would like.

Who Needs Lip Fillers?

We have lip fillers to smooth out those thinner lips and get more volume for more youthful plumpness. For lip fillers, Derma One offers 2 kinds of procedures.

  1. If you want it to look very close to the natural shape, we just go for the contour on the lips, and the volume of the lips is kept almost the same, just a little bit more enhanced.
  2. For those who want their lips to look more augmented and bigger, we go for the procedure to make their lips volume bigger, depending on what the requirement is.

The Procedure

When it comes to the shape of the lips, there are different types and preferences.

Some people want what we call ‘Russian lips,’ which is like making the lips bigger in a vertical way, and some people wish to the French look or French lips, which is almost the same size or style of normal lips but more enhanced.

  • First, Dr. Ahmad runs an in-depth analysis and a thorough check-up to know if your face will be okay with lips filler or not. Before the procedure, he has to see the dimensions of your eyes and face in general. If they are big enough, only then the lips filler will be good for your face. If you have small eyes or small dimensions of your face, he recommends going for soft fillers, contour, or less volume fillers
  • Usually, lips enhancement and injecting fillers is a painful process. But as Derma One is committed to making every procedure as pain-free as possible, we use very strong anesthesia cream, making the entire procedure pain-free for you.
  • At Derma One, our in-house aesthetic medicine expert uses soft fillers for the lips to avoid complications like the appearance of lumps or bumps or any asymmetry on the lips afterward, which is likely to happen if harder fillers are injected.

If you have already had a filler experience before, you will feel the difference yourself about how painless our procedures are and how comfortable we make the whole process for you.

After the Procedure

Derma One prides itself on achieving natural results. That’s why after the procedure, you are sure to have:

  • Plump lips with more volume
  • Contoured lips in a well-defined shape
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