Sometimes you notice small, soft growth of skin that sticks out on a thin stem anywhere on the body. These are called Skin Tags which most commonly appear around the neck, armpits, upper trunk, and between other body folds.

Although the exact cause or reason for skin tag growth is unknown, some dermatologists view that skin friction may be a factor since they appear in skin folds. Skin tags contain active blood vessels and collagen covered by a layer of skin.

Moles are another very common kind of skin growth seen on almost every person. They may vary in sizes, shapes, and colors but generally have the appearance of a small, dark spot.  Moles are produced by clusters of pigmented cells.

Who Needs Moles and Skin Tags Removal?

Even though most moles may be harmless and can be left untreated, it is better to keep a check. In skin tags, it is advised to have them removed because slowly they become bigger, and removing them becomes more difficult. Also, sometimes, they have a tendency to become infected and can cause physical problems.

The Procedure

Removing moles and tags is a super simple procedure. We treat them with mild anesthesia and use a specific machine to remove them.

After the Procedure

  • Results are immediately visible
  • After that, a trace will be negligible, with mostly no scar remaining.
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