Masseter muscle is found on either side of the jaw, mainly for chewing. Chewing too hard or grinding teeth too often may cause masseter muscles to enlarge and alter the shape of your face.

If the masseter muscle is too strong, it can cause problems through the jaw joint and give the rounded and muscular face look for women. To correct that, we inject Botox into this muscle. Usually, we use a high amount of Botox since this is a strong muscle.

Who Needs Masseter Muscle Slimming?

Rounded or squared faces in women make them look more masculine. To gain a more feminine appearance, the slimming of Masseters Muscle can do wonders.

The Procedure

  • Botox Masseter reduction or Botox square jaw reduction or Masseter muscle reduction or jawline slimming is a simple, painless, and effective procedure.
  • The injection of Botulinum Toxin into the masseter muscles to achieve a slimmer and more feminine jawline.

After the Procedure

The results of this procedure are extremely effective. The strength of the dose can be minimized if need be, which will eliminate the jaw problem without altering the appearance. But if you wish to have a slimmer jaw, you can get it from the expert hands at Derma One.

The procedure needs to be repeated every 6 six months. 2 or 3 times to make this appearance stay for a longer time.

Results are immediately visible

  • Great subtle results, looking natural and attractive.
  • Last for a long time
  • Zero downtime
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